~Understanding the Difference Between “Specific” and “Cumulative” Injuries in California

TL;DR: California defines worker’s compensation injuries in two ways, “specific” (where the exact date and time of the injury is known), and a “cumulative trauma” (CT – ongoing exposure to a condition which causes injury in the form of physical injury over time.) Multiple employers within the CT complicate the situation, and most Defendants will try to shift liability to the other employer through depositions of the doctor and comparing the job duties between two employers.

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“KCRW Investigates: Independent Contractors and Worker’s Compensation – Left On Your Own”

Interesting investigative report on the impact of worker’s compensation exclusions used in classifying employees in order to avoid increased worker’s compensation costs. Includes a great interview with colleague and friend Brett “MadDog” Borah in San Jose. KCRW investigative report addresses a number of concerns in which classifying employees as “independent contractors” (a common occurrence in the trucking industry) shifts the burden of medical and disability costs onto the worker’s shoulders, and eventually shifting the burden to the taxpayers.