As a CA State Bar certified specialist in worker’s compensation law, I can explain how the system works, and guide you the best way through it in one piece. I was a defense attorney for over ten years at a large worker’s compensation firm, so I know the way claims (and applicants) are assessed, and how settlements get negotiated.

The permanent disability rating is determined by objective measurements and reports written by a doctor. The average settlement in worker’s compensation is very small, even to close out lifetime medical.  Many WC attorneys have to handle an extremely large volume of cases due to the limited fee available. The attorney’s fee in Worker’s Compensation injuries is paid by the insurance company at the time of your settlement. The current rate is 15% of the total settlement whether the case is settled by Compromise and Release or a Stipulated Award of Medical care.

I represent injured workers in Napa, Vallejo, Fairfield, Vacaville, American Canyon, Yountville, Lake County, Dixon, Santa Rosa, Sonoma, Benicia and Contra Costa county, before the  Worker’s Compensation Appeals Boards located in San Francisco, Sacramento, Santa Rosa and Oakland.


The process of applying for Disability Retirement can be  overwhelming.  Due to the overlapping provisions of retirement plans, long term disability and Social Security, it is important to maximize benefits.

We accept all referrals from NOSSCR, as well as the SOAR program for moderate-means beneficiaries.  I am currently listed as a panel attorney with the California Teachers Association.

If your child qualifies for Social Security benefits due to a childhood condition outlined here:

Call us if you are in need of attorney assistance in preparing your application for childhood social security benefits, including obtaining medical documentation needed to qualify and establish you as the child’s representative payee.

Attorney fees from a successful Social Security application are capped at 25% of the back pay, up to a maximum fee of $6,000. Social Security determines the attorney fee and pays the attorney directly.


Pro Bono Work:

I will gladly provide one free 15 minute phone consultation. 

Unfortunately, I am unable to provide ongoing pro bono legal advice or review your settlement documents for free.

I regularly volunteer at Lawyers in the Library. This is a free legal assistance service at local libraries where anyone can receive a legal consultation from a licensed attorney. The waiting list is usually filled in the first hour and the list is capped at 20 clients divided between three attorneys. If you cannot afford an attorney, I suggest utilizing one of these programs for legal assistance.  Locations:

I am often asked to review settlements, leases, or brainstorm solutions for legal problems for people on a wide range of issues. Private legal counseling is $150 per half hour, or $300 per hour. Payment plans available.

All consultations are private and confidential. 

Common Issues for consultation:
– Assistance with legal documents / lawsuits and responses
– Evictions and Landlord/Tenant Issues
– Worker’s Comp Settlements and Medicare Set Asides
– Consumer Debt Collections / Medical Debt
– Disability Retirement / Social Security Disability
– CalPERS and CalSTRS overlap with State/Federal benefits
– Advance Care Directives, PoA financial/health care
– Wills, Special Needs Trusts, and Living Trust documents

Weekend and evening appointments for legal counseling available.

(NOTE: home and weekend appointments are NOT available for WC and Social Security matters which are charged on a contingency fee basis.)